Friday, February 28, 2014

Rainbows and Pansies part 2

Just wanted to give an update on C's blanket. I got the cream color I wanted and have started making the squares for the pansies. I decided to go with a bobble stitch here too. The actual pattern is more of a traditional granny square. Again that is found over on Annoo's Crochet. But I thought I would go bobble all the way. I like the way it's looking.

It's going a lot faster than the spiral. Of course I'm only doing 6 inch squares and one color so that helps. Originally I was going to stitch them together into 12 inch squares, but I've decided to wait to see how I'm going to put the blanket together. If I don't do alternating spirals and pansies I might like the pansies to be 6 inches. Anyway, we'll see.

Here is a picture of all eight colors in the flowers.

Happy stitching!

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