Friday, October 25, 2013

Little Blue Riding Hood

I was searching for cowls and scarves and winter whatnot when I saw this hooded cowl on Design Adventures. I thought "how cute is that" and showed it to my three year old who promptly asked me to make her one. So we went to the yarn store and I let her pick out a color. First she picked out gray since the one in the picture she saw was gray (sort of), but then she decided that she wanted this blue color.

I made this with Lion Brand Hometown USA Washington Denim. This one is actually the second one I made. I thought I might it a couple stitches longer than the pattern called for though the reasoning why escapes me now. But when I was done it fit me and practically fell off my daughter. I also think I did my stitches a little too loose. This is the first thing I've made with this thick of yarn, I was afraid it would be too tight and then stiff. I was wrong. So unraveling I went and followed the pattern this time and tighten my stitches a little. I like it. I thought about keeping the first one for me, but C had her heart set on this color and I didn't have enough yarn to make another one. And I thought I might make one for me but embellish a little more with some fun stitches. Anyway, how adorable is this child?

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Double Cable Fingerless Gloves

I've been adventurous and designed my own fingerless gloves. I tried the Brooklyn Pattern again from the last post with a different yarn; I made one and it looks better, but I just wasn't feeling attached enough to the pattern to make the other one. Instead I kept looking at the Spiral Molly Floves. I really liked the cable in that one, but I didn't want to make that same one again. So I broke off on my own.

After a few tries and unravels I came up with this

I really like the twisted cable so I went with two. Since most of what I'm making a the moment are gifts I didn't want to put finger holes in since I don't have the hand to measure. My hands are pretty small so I made it a little loose on me. I did have it straight across the top, but that looked too plain. I recently made a baby bootie with a scallop top and thought that would look fun on these. Overall I'm quite pleased with finished look.

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Fingerless gloves round 2

I'm on a fingerless glove kick. I found this pattern from Crochet Dreamz. I really like how it looks in her pictures, but not so sure with how mine turned out.

Maybe it's the yarn choice, I used Lion Brand Wool Ease. I think I'll try it again with a 100% acrylic yarn and see if that helps.I think the wool made the stitch lose some of its definition. Instead of a button I made up a little rose accent to use. I like that part.

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First pair of fingerless gloves

The weather has started turning a little cooler and I've started thinking about winter. I've been finding all kinds of fun patterns for cowls (which I love) and also for fingerless gloves. I wasn't sure if I liked them, but apparently my sister-in-laws really like them and my mom is a fan too. I found this pattern for a pair of what she calls floves. They actually have half fingers which I like a lot better than the gloves that have only a thumb hole and are open on top. I got this pattern HERE. They are called Spiral Molly Floves, so when I saw the name I had to see what they looked like.

Loved them! Love the cable. Thanks Katie. The pattern calls for an F hook, but I used a G hook to make them a little bigger without having to change the number of stitches anywhere. I made them for my aunt and her hands are a little bigger than mine. Hopefully they will fit. They were going to be for Christmas but I already sent them because I was too excited. I'm going to have a make a pair for myself. Of course now that I've made these for my aunt I want to make a pair for everyone in my family. Good thing there is a little time before Christmas!

Happy stitches!
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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Intro to Sanity by Stitches

I'm experimenting with blogging about my crocheting in order to get feedback and advice. I'm pretty new at crocheting (and blogging) so we will see how this goes.

I learned to crochet about three years ago when my daughter was born, then stopped, which happens a lot when I start something new. But recently I needed to find a way to be creative for a sanity outlet. I decided to pick up my crochet hooks again. I started to make baby booties since something is in the water at my church and there are six or seven women having babies between December and February.
I have found lots of cute patterns on other crochet blogs. I've paused a little on those and have gotten into gloves and scarves and hats for winter. I'm feeling very accomplished and much less insane.

I'll put up some pictures of some things I've done soon along with where I found the pattern. I'm also going to work on getting this blog looking a little more presentable.

Happy stitches!

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