Friday, October 25, 2013

Little Blue Riding Hood

I was searching for cowls and scarves and winter whatnot when I saw this hooded cowl on Design Adventures. I thought "how cute is that" and showed it to my three year old who promptly asked me to make her one. So we went to the yarn store and I let her pick out a color. First she picked out gray since the one in the picture she saw was gray (sort of), but then she decided that she wanted this blue color.

I made this with Lion Brand Hometown USA Washington Denim. This one is actually the second one I made. I thought I might it a couple stitches longer than the pattern called for though the reasoning why escapes me now. But when I was done it fit me and practically fell off my daughter. I also think I did my stitches a little too loose. This is the first thing I've made with this thick of yarn, I was afraid it would be too tight and then stiff. I was wrong. So unraveling I went and followed the pattern this time and tighten my stitches a little. I like it. I thought about keeping the first one for me, but C had her heart set on this color and I didn't have enough yarn to make another one. And I thought I might make one for me but embellish a little more with some fun stitches. Anyway, how adorable is this child?

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