Monday, October 21, 2013

First pair of fingerless gloves

The weather has started turning a little cooler and I've started thinking about winter. I've been finding all kinds of fun patterns for cowls (which I love) and also for fingerless gloves. I wasn't sure if I liked them, but apparently my sister-in-laws really like them and my mom is a fan too. I found this pattern for a pair of what she calls floves. They actually have half fingers which I like a lot better than the gloves that have only a thumb hole and are open on top. I got this pattern HERE. They are called Spiral Molly Floves, so when I saw the name I had to see what they looked like.

Loved them! Love the cable. Thanks Katie. The pattern calls for an F hook, but I used a G hook to make them a little bigger without having to change the number of stitches anywhere. I made them for my aunt and her hands are a little bigger than mine. Hopefully they will fit. They were going to be for Christmas but I already sent them because I was too excited. I'm going to have a make a pair for myself. Of course now that I've made these for my aunt I want to make a pair for everyone in my family. Good thing there is a little time before Christmas!

Happy stitches!

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