Monday, November 4, 2013

Pretty in Pink Toddler Slippers

I started making baby booties for the ten women (seriously) who are having babies in my Bible study and my three year old wanted some as well. It is very easy to find free patterns for adorable baby slippers and even adult slippers, but not so much for toddlers. I tried modifying a baby pattern but I'm not that talented it seems. I couldn't get the length and width to work. I was really close to buying a pattern (something I hated to have to do) when I thought, you know, it's the sole that I'm having trouble with. If I use a pattern for the sole it doesn't matter if I don't like the rest of the shoe, I can change that. So I found a free pattern for toddler slippers and made the sole. Turns out I didn't like the shape of the sole. But I discovered that once I had the basic idea of how many stitches were needed to make the length I needed I could make up the rest to the shape I liked. It took awhile, but I succeeded! Now for the rest of the shoe. I wanted a simple ballet look. I saw this super cute pattern (the one I was trying not to have to buy) at Holland Designs Crochet. She has so many cute toddler and youth slippers patterns. I really liked the Cross-Strap Ballet Flats, so I figured I could make my own design. Here is what I came up with.

I thought to put the pattern up but I need to make some changes. I didn't gather the heel in enough and after a little wear time the slippers stretch and are slipping off C's foot. I do like the way they turned out though, especially for my first shoe design.


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