Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sun and Star Headbands

I had to take a little break from the Rainbow and Pansies. I can only work on something for so long before I start going a little crazy, which is why I haven't done a blanket before and tend to pick small projects that I can do in a day or two.

So I was cruising around on Ravelry looking at crochet jewelry (I have an idea brewing, but that is for later) and I found some really cute designs by Creative Yarn. So I headed over to her blog and looked at her patterns. I don't think she posted here anymore since the last post was over three years ago, but nonetheless she has cute patterns. I found one for a headband and thought it was adorable. It was meant for an adult, but I decided to modify it for my toddler.

First I have to say that C doesn't like wearing anything in her hair. Bows, barrettes, headbands, ponytails, they all stay for about five minutes and then are pulled out. So I wasn't optimistic for this to work but I had to try. I have to tame her curls a little.

I made the sun first, and talked it up. She actually wore it all day. I think that it was loose enough and soft that she didn't notice it in. It looked so cute in her hair I decided to make another one. C picked out a variegated pink yarn awhile ago so I thought I could do a heart with it. I found an awesome pattern at Cherry Heart for a Granny Heart but it was too big for a headband, at least with the cotton yarn I wanted to use. Here it is though. I might try it again with a lighter yarn

I looked some more at Cherry Heart because I like her patterns. I tried the Boho Hearts but smaller than I wanted. Then I found Twinkler Stars.

I made the bigger one first with cotton worsted yarn and an H hook. I liked the size and thought it would work well. Then C wanted it to be two stars. I made a second one with a G hook to make it a little smaller. I connected them with a slip stitch when I made the last point of the smaller star. Turns out she was right, super cute with two stars. Since it is a variegated yarn one side of the straps came out white, but oh well.

I decided that the cotton yarn works a little better. The sun was made with acrylic worsted weight yarn and after a day of wearing it stretches and gets a little loose.

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  1. Love the twinkler stars as a headband, really cute. Well done!

    S x