Monday, March 17, 2014

Little Elephant

I saw my nephews last month and they wanted me to crochet something for them. The younger one who is six first wanted a puppy, so we went pattern cruising. He had so much fun with this and looking at all the things that could be made that he changed his mind about what he wanted so many times I'm not sure what he finally decided on. He stuck with an elephant for the longest so I decided to make one for him. I looked (later without him) for a cute pattern, but I couldn't really find one that I wanted. So I just made one up as I went along.

I think it turned out well. I didn't write the pattern down as I went, so I'm not sure that I could do it again, at least not exactly the same.

I gave him a cute little smile.

 And I really like how the tail turned out. 

 Hopefully my nephew will like it. 

Now for the older one's request. He wants me to make him Peyton Manning.

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