Sunday, May 18, 2014

Tatting and Irish Lace

Where have I been for the past two months?! Well, I haven't had a lot to show. I hit a little bit of an apathy period on anything big and have been working on a lot of this and that. I did a little bit more on C's Rainbow and Pansies blanket, but I got excited about a lot of new things and put that down. Maybe too many new things and that has caused me to not get anything done.

My big thing I've started is tatting. My mother got me a online class from Craftsy for my birthday, Shutting Tatting with Marilee Rockley. I really like it. Marilee does a great job of demonstrating and explaining.

I got two other class as well, but haven't started those at all. The shuttle tatting has been a great change for me. I haven't really worked with thread before and that was an adjustment.

I was a little nervous because I guess learning how to do the double stitch (really the only stitch in tatting) is difficult, there is a certain flip of the thread that has to be done. But I got it on my first try. Woohoo!

I'm only about halfway through the class and really enjoying it. For me it's just making tatted jewelry since I'm not a big doily fan, but I made some nice earrings for my mom for Mother's Day.

Since I had crochet thread, I was cruising Pintrest (I've gotten a little addicted lately) and found all these pins for Irish lace or Irish crochet. Beautiful. And I thought I want to do that. So I found some patterns (and some how to's) and made a few motifs.

You are suppose to use very fine thread, like size 50 or 80, but I haven't been brave enough for that. I'm just using my size 10 thread and size 3 for the padding. Although the above picture of what would be used for the lace filling is in size 3 just for practice.

I haven't put anything together, I really don't have enough to put together. Again, it's that apathy I'm having right now. As you can see in most of the pictures all my ends are still hanging about.

I'm starting to lack space for my projects. Or maybe it is more lack organization. I now have yarn, thread, crochet needles, shuttles, jewelry findings and tools, and lots of little pieces. Maybe if I get organized a little better I will have more motivation to finish something. Or maybe I should stop trying new things.

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