Monday, February 10, 2014

Toddler Gladiator Sandal Preview

While I was making the Two Strap Sandals, I also got the idea for this sandal in my head. I almost stopped making the first sandals because I was so excited about these.

I wanted something pretty and trendy. A few months ago I found a really cute pattern for a toddler fingerless glove that had a little flower motif on the back (if you are interested, the gloves are at crochetlatte). I really wanted to make them for C, but never did. So I thought why not make a little sandal with a fun, pretty motif on the top. I tried out a whole bunch, but decided to start with this little flower.

My husband thinks they are impractical, but really does that matter?

I'm not quite finished with the sandal because I would like to put a double sole on. I'm going to try out making it non-slip by using Plasti-dip. See here for a tutorial. You can find the colors at hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowes, but I didn't want to limit my colors that way. You can order clear online, but I just need to do it. Once I do I'll do a post on how it went.

Anyway, back to the sandal. Right now I've only made one size, hopefully I'll make another size, maybe two. I need to work on the pattern to make it clearer in some places. I love how it has come together. I think I'll try out some different motifs too. Hopefully I'll get the pattern up soon.

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