Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Baskets, baskets, and more baskets

I don't know about the rest of you but my kids toys need organization, especially after Christmas. So I went looking for containers. Baskets, bins, boxes, buckets, whatever, I couldn't find anything I liked (at least that I thought was worth the money). Instead I found a pattern that I really liked and decided to make my own baskets.

The initial pattern came from Liz at Crochet in Color. It is her Chucky Crocheted Basket. I loved how sturdy it looked. I had to go out and buy the right size hook, but you can always use another hook, right? Only the medium blue variegated basket follows her pattern exactly. All of the others got modified from that.

So the medium blue green one was made from Liz's smaller pattern. I don't think the color or yarn texture (kind of fuzzy) shows off the detail of her pattern well, but it is nice and sturdy. I'm trying to remember the brand of yarn I used, but I'm at a loss. This one was easy and quick to make. I really like the way she did the seam between the bottom and the sides by stitching in the back ridge of the hdc as opposed to the actual top loops. I've used this technique in other things now that I've learned it.

The little yellow basket was actually suppose to be just a test pattern for making a oval basket. It only uses one strand of worsted weight yarn so it isn't super stiff. But it turned out to be perfect for C's crayons, because really, what three year old can keep a crayon box around for long before it gets squished and torn. It fits perfectly on her little coloring/craft table.

The biggest basket was suppose to be for me and my projects, but instead was used to hold train tracks and associated paraphernalia. Again, cardboard box and kids. The green portion is four strands of worsted weight (three different greens and cream) and the cream stripe is two strands of bulky. The reason for the stripe is because I didn't have enough of one of the greens to make the whole basket; it is 80 sts around. However, I really like the way it turned out. I think it breaks up the green nicely. I must say this was not my favorite thing to work on. Part of it was because of the four skeins of yarn I was pulling from. Another was the size. I felt like it took me forever to finish a round.

The smallest, skinny little basket hangs from the kids' easel to hold markers. The two sided easel only has a one sided tray. This one is also made of only one strand of worsted weight, mostly because it was a quick fix.

I'm sure I will be making more, but I'm basketed out for now. That green one really did me in.

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