Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Newborn Loafers - Pattern

I made a version of this little guy one night when I was trying to snaz up a little bootie I like to make. I was making a boot for another new mom when I thought let's try something a little different. I added the front post stitches at the bottom to add a little texture but before I got to the top of the boot I decided it looked like a little clog. I jokingly told my husband that I should put a little buckle on and make it a loafer, but he suggested a tassel. So I started again with my own design and came out with this. This is an incredibly fast shoe to make with only seven rounds. I have made a girl version Mary Jane as well that I will get up soon.

worsted weight yard (Vanna's Choice shown here, but not sure of exact color)
Hook G – 4.00 mm
Yarn needle

ch – chain
st(s) - stitch(es)
sc – single crochet
hcd – half double crochet
sl st – slip stitch
BLO – back loop only
fpdc – front post double crochet
sc2tog – single crochet two together
dc2tog – double crochet two together
dc3tog – double crochet three together

Shoes measure about 3 1/2 inches

ch 13
R1 – in 2nd ch from hook 2 sc, sc 8, hdc 2, 7 hdc in last ch, working opposite side of chain, hdc 2, sc 8, 2 sc, sl st to first sc (31 sts)
R2 – ch 1, sc, 2 sc, sc 8, hdc 2, 2 hdc x 3, hdc, 2 hdc x 3, hdc 2, sc 8, 2 sc, sc, sl st to first sc (39 sts)
R3 – ch 1, in BLO hdc around, sl st to first hdc (39 sts)
R4 – ch 2, *fpdc, hdc* x 19, fpdc around last st, sl st to first st (39 sts)
R5 – ch 1, sc 14, sc2tog, dc2tog, dc, dc3tog, dc, dc2tog, sc2tog, sc 12, sl st to first sc (33 sts)
R6 – ch 1, sc, sc2tog, sc 9, sc2tog, dc2tog, dc3tog, dc2tog, sc2tog, sc 7, sc2tog, sc, sl st to first sc (25 sts)
R7 – ch 1, sc 9, sc2tog, dc, dc3tog, dc, sc2tog, sc 7, sl st to first sc, fasten off (21 sts)

Make 2
Wrap yarn around three fingers three times.
Cut yarn loops open on the same side as end pieces.

To help keep pieces together insert a hook at other end.
Using a small piece of yarn, tie together pieces near top loop and wrap around three or four times tightly.

Using yarn needle, thread the end of yarn through the middle of the wrapped area to secure.

Cut another small piece of yarn, thread through top loop, and tie to shoe at the dc3tog of last round.

Trim ends to slightly above toe of shoe.

If you have any questions or find any mistakes let me know. This pattern is for personal use only, if you want to sell a finished product please credit me for the design. Thanks and happy stitches!

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