Friday, December 27, 2013

Toddler Double Sole Moccasins - Pattern

These slippers are sized for to two to four year olds. When I first envisioned the slipper, it didn't look quite like this, but I'm happy with how they turned out. Since this moccasin is for toddlers, I put in a double sole for a little more padding. I'm looking for a way to make the bottoms less slippery since we have wood floors. If anyone has any suggestions please share.

two colors of worsted weight yarn
G hook (4.0mm)

ch – chain
st – stitch
sl st – slip stitch
sk – skip
sc – single crochet
hdc – half double crochet
dc – double crochet
sc2tog – single crochet two stitches together
dc2tog – double crochet two stitches together
dc3tog – double crochet three stitch together

This pattern is written for two sizes. First size measures about 6 ¼ inches or a toddler size 9/10, the larger size is in ( ) and measures about 7 inches or a toddler size 11/12.

To make the double sole, make two soles in the accent color, rounds 1 – 4, and fasten off. Make the soles again with the main shoe color, the accent sole will be attached at round 5 when the body of the shoe is started.

Ch 19 (23)
R1: 2 sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc 10 (12), hdc, dc 5 (7), 7 dc in last ch, working opposite side of ch, dc 5 (7), hdc, sc 10 (12), 2 sc in last ch, sl st to first sc – 43 (51) sts
R2: ch 1, sc, 2 sc, sc 15 (19), *hdc, 2 hdc* repeat x 4, hdc, sc 15 (19), 2 sc, sc, sl st to first sc – 49 (57) sts
R3: ch 1, 2 sc, sc, 2 sc, sc 17 (21), *hdc, 2 hdc* repeat x 2, 2 hdc, *2 hdc, hdc* repeat x 2, sc 17 (21), 2 sc, sc, 2 sc, sl st to first sc – 58 (66) sts
R4: ch 2, hdc, 2 hdc, hdc 21 (25), *hdc, 2 hdc* repeat x 3, *2 hdc, hdc* repeat x 3, hdc 21 (25), 2 hdc, hdc, sl st to first hdc – 66 (74) sts
Stop here with the accent soles and fasten off, continue with the main color soles.
To attach the double sole, place wrong side of accent sole against the right side of main color sole

R5: continuing the main color sole, ch 2, hdc in the space between the posts of the accent sole and through the back loop only of the main color sole (this will stitch the two soles together), continue around, sl st in first hdc – 66 (74) sts

R6 – 7: ch 2, hdc around, sl st to first hdc – 66 (74) sts
R8: ch 1, sc 28 (32), sc2tog, hdc, dc2tog x 2, dc3tog, dc2tog x 2, hdc, sc2tog, sc 21 (25), sl st to first sc – 58 (66) sts
R9: ch 1, dc 24 (28), sc2tog, dc2tog, dc, dc2tog, dc3og, dc2tog, dc, dc2tog, sc2tog, sc 17 (21), sl st to first sc – 50 (58) sts
R10: ch 1, sc 20 (24), sc2tog, dc2tog x 2, dc, dc3tog, dc, dc2tog x 2, sc2tog, sc 13 (17), sl st to first sc – 42 (50) sts
R11: ch 1, sc 15 (19), sc2tog, hdc, *dc2tog, dc* repeat x 4, dc2tog, hdc, sc2tog, sc 7 (11), sl st to first sc – 35 (43) sts
R12: ch 1, sc 15 (19), sc2tog, dc2tog, dc, dc3tog, dc, dc2tog, sc2tog, sc 7 (11), sl st to first sc, fasten off – 29 (37) sts

R13: ch 4, sl st in 23 (27) st, sl st 22 (30) loosely (will have 6 sts left), ch 6, turn – 23 (31) sts plus 10 ch

R14: hdc in 3rd ch from hook, ch 1, sk 1, hdc 27 (35), ch 1, sk 1, hdc in last ch, turn – 31 (39) sts
R15: ch 2, hdc 31 (39), turn – 31 (39) sts
R16: ch 2, hdc , ch 1, sk 1, hdc 27 (35), ch 1, sk 1, hdc in last st, turn – 31 (39) sts
R17: Repeat R15, fasten off

using accent color
ch 35, sl st to top of shoe left side, sl st around, ch 35
Lace chains through top holes on opposite sides so they cross in an X. Cross again to lace through bottom holes, coming through the back of the hole. Tie a bow.

Here are some more pictures just for fun.

If you have any questions or find any mistakes let me know. This pattern is for personal use only, if you want to sell a finished product please credit me for the design. Thanks and happy stitches!


  1. Here is a recent tutorial on a blog about making the soles non-slip. Hoping to try it myself soon! I like the way you did the ties on your moccasins.

    1. Thank you, Megan. I have heard to use this but haven't tried it. Thanks for the link; it is helpful. It looks like she used black but I have seen clear.

    2. Hi Molly. Thanks for this pattern. I am making it right now (also just beginning crocheting). I have a question about the pattern...

      QUESTION: When I get near the end of the pattern to the part where it says, "sl st to first sc - 43 (51) sts" does that mean you go all the way around again?

      At that point in the pattern I was almost at the bottom where I had started... basically I had gone around once already. But I assumed the pattern meant that you were supposed to slip stitch to get past the beginning knot (the one you don't count that is the first knot on your needle when you begin the chain) and that I was supposed to just do 'single-crochet' stitches all the way around again (because the next instructions were for 'R2' and 43 sts seemed to not quite go all the way around).

      I am pretty sure I am messing it up somewhere because I'm new

    3. I'm a little confused by the question. First let me ask, after the 7hdc in the last chain did you move to the opposite side of the chain and go back up the chain? If you did you should have gotten to the first sc that you stitched. This is the stitch you should slip stitch into. The " - 43 (51)sts" refers to how many stitches you should have in the round. The first number is the number for the smaller size and the number in the () is the number for the larger size.

  2. Hi Molly, it's Rachael again. QUESTION: On the instructions for R2, where it says "*hdc, 2 hdc* repeat x 4"; does that really just mean "12 hdc"? I don't think it does... does it mean "half-double crochet 2 together decrease"? I am a newbie... I can't find anything on line that says anything about hdc, 2 hdc and I figured it must mean something different than just a bunch of hdc's together. Thanks in advance, I really want to make these booties!

    1. For R2, the part between the * is what you repeat four times. Once you have done that you will stitch one more hdc before moving on the the sc stitches. 2 hcd means you will put two half double crochets in one stitch. So in this pattern the * portion will be an hdc then two hdc in the next stitch then repeating, one hdc in the next stitch then two hdc in the next stitch. This is increasing the number of stitches around the toe of the shoe. Does this help?

  3. Hello,

    I appreciate that you are willing to share this pattern, but I'm having a lot of trouble with it. The shoe isn't symmetrical and the toe ends up on the side. I was able to make it work by changing it to:

    R8: ch 1, sc 24, sc2tog, hdc,dc2tog x 2, dc3tog, dc2tog x 2, hdc, sc2tog, sc 24, sl st to first sc
    R9: ch 1, sc 20, sc2tog, dc2tog, dc, dc2tog, dc3og, dc2tog, dc, dc2tog, sc2tog, sc 20, sl st to first sc
    R10: ch 1, sc 15, sc2tog, dc2tog x 2, dc, dc3tog, dc, dc2tog x 2, sc2tog, sc 15, sl st to first sc
    R11: ch 1, sc 8, sc2tog, hdc, dc2tog, dc, *dc2tog, dc* repeat x 4, dc2tog, hdc, sc2tog, sc 8, sl st to first sc
    R12: ch 1, sc 9, sc2tog, dc2tog, dc, dc3tog, dc, dc2tog, sc2tog, sc 10, sl st to first sc, fasten off

    Also, i can't understand what to do with the cuff. Why do we fasten off only start again? What do we do with the extra ch4 at the beginning? And where do we start?


    1. Sorry that it took me awhile to answer, it has been a busy few days for me and the kids. I'm glad you were able to get the toe to work for you, I will look at the pattern again to make sure I don't have a typo. When I do the sole my seam tends to move to the right so I have to compensate for that to center the toe. Maybe you crochet straighter than I do.
      For the cuff, the front of the cuff has two, for lack for a better term, flaps where the laces go. the beginning ch 4 is the start of the first flap, once you sl st around the ch 6 at the end is the second flap. The next round of hdc is stitched into the both chains.This is also the reason for fastening off and starting again, if you didn't fasten off, the cuff would be in the back.
      As far as where to start the cuff, since you changed the stitching a little bit look for the center toe stitch in R12, count over three and start there.
      If you have more questions feel free to email me. Again I'll look at the pattern to make sure there isn't a typo.

  4. Hello,

    Thank you for sharing this pattern, but I am having trouble with it and was wondering if you can please help. Every time I make this, the boot isn't symmetrical. I read a previous comment and tried that version, but my boot still ends up a bit to one side. I tired crocheting less tightly, but then it didn't help. Any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong? Everything is explained clearly, I'm just not achieving the right look with it :(

    1. Are you having trouble with the toe pointing to the left or to the right? If it is to the left, try adding a couple of sc before the decreases then make sure to subtract that same number after the decreases. If it points to the right try subtracting a couple of sc before the decrease them add back the same number after the decrease. You will need to do this for each row starting with R8. I hope that helps.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Hi there! Thanks for publishing this pattern for free! I'm making these adorable slippers in yellow to go with a friend's son's Mickey costume I'm making! I did want to point something out. Rnd 9 says "Ch 1, DC 24 (28)". I believe that might be a typo since that would make the slipper crooked... Other than that, great pattern!!! Thanks again!

    1. I'm also thinking that that is a typo especially since it starts with only a chain 1 and the stitch following the DC 24(28) is sc2tog. I'm going to continue on as if it is a typo and sc instead of DC there.