Monday, October 20, 2014

Fun Pillow Project

Do you remember back at the beginning of the year when I started the Rainbow Pansy blanket for C? And do you remember how I said I wasn't a big project type. Turns out I was right. I made four spiral squares and a number of the pansy squares, then they sat there for months. C found them and asked what about my blanket? What to do? A trip to the fabric store later, here was my solution. Rainbow Pillow!

I joined the four squares I had making a 24 in by 24 in square and put a little border around it. Then I cut a square of fabric and zipped around it with my perforating rotatory blade and crochet fabric the the back of the squares on three sides. I stuffed in a 24 by 24 in pillow and closed up the other side. I went around the border one more time and viola!

C picked out the rainbow butterflies. Of course there was fighting over it with the younger one, so back to the store for another pillow. Since I didn't feel up to making squares for one of the sides I just crocheted two pieces of fabric together and added a border again. Why not just sew it you ask? Well my machine is packed away and old. This was actually easier. So W got a construction pillow.

They are hits and have saved my couch pillows from being floor jumping pillows. The kids have also come up with other creative using for them, one being holding the pillows in front of them and running at each other as fast as their little legs can go.

I know I didn't really put in details, but this was more just a idea post. If you want details let me know.

Happy Stitches!

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  1. Love all those happy colors, really nice granny pattern! Hetty at